Snorkeling Gear for Swimming Snorkel Training in Pool and Open Water


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Light weight and good air circulation — Our snorkel is about 80-100g lighter than the top dry valve snorkel, which is very light and comfortable when swimming. Moreover, compared to the top dry valve snorkel, our snorkel has better air circulation, which can make breathing more unobstructed.

Upgraded product, Quality is better
1) The Purge valve of Upgraded snorkel has professional protective parts and is not easy to lose
2) The bottom of Upgraded snorkel is reinforced and not easy to shake
3) The Upgraded snorkel is Made in New advanced materials,Quality is better

Tapered front central design, designed for swimming – With this design, snorkel has two advantages: First, this design Neither touch the snorkel when you swim, nor feel uncomfortable because it weighs the same on the both sides. Our design makes it easier to keep the body balanced ,so that you have a better experience; Second, the nozzle adopts tapered design, this design can better break the water, reduce the water flow resistance and increase the swimming speed.

Food grade silicone mouthpiece, soft and comfortable — The mouthpiece of snorkel is made of food grade silicone material, which is soft and comfortable. It has convex substance on both sides, The texture is soft, it is convenient for the teeth to bite, and it can be closely attached to the mouth and tightly waterproof.

Easy to adjust bracket with head protection pad — snorkel has a soft protective pad that feel comfortable when you wear it. The position of the bracket and the length of the strap are easily adjusted,It is suitable for all people. snorkel allows you to focus on swimming postures and strokes better, suitable for a variety of strokes, such as freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, etc.

Specifications of our product :

  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H : ‎16.77 x 6.5 x 2.13 inches
  • Package Weight ‎: 0.24 Kilograms
  • Color : C-Black-upgrade
  • Material  : Silicone
  • Suggested Users :  Unisex-adult


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Snorkeling Gear for Swimming Snorkel Training in Pool and Open Water

Availability: 1000 in stock